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The high-end processor that brings 5G is now official

The high-end processor that brings 5G is now official

In addition to promising more performance, the new Huawei chip brings integrated 5G, so getting a smartphone with this chip be a great advantage. The company took advantage of the event to officially announce the processor Kirin 990. This new processor is an impressive power for these new high-end smart phones.

Kirin 990 has two versions, the standard and a 5G

As he reads, he Kirin 990 It comes in two versions. One "normal" (with 4G), another with 5G technology. But in terms of processing, both are almost equal. The manufacturing technology of the two chips is of 7 nanometer TSMC, for example. 10.3 billion transistors were inserted here.

Kirin 990

He Kirin 990 is a processor of eight cores. It consists of high, medium and low frequency cores:

  • Kirin 990: two Cortex-A76 of 2.86 GHz, two Cortex-A76 of 2.36 GHz, four Cortex-A55 of 1.95 GHz
  • Kirin 990 5G: two Cortex-A76 of 2.86 GHz, two Cortex-A76 of 2.09 GHz, four Cortex-A55 of 1.86 GHz

Both also have a 16-core Mali G76 GPU. In addition to its great ability to graphics for games, This GPU reduces the bandwidth required to communicate with RAM in a 15% without any loss of performance.

But without a doubt the version that attracts the most attention is that of 5G, a technology that Vodafone already implemented in Spain a few months ago. Huawei point out that the Kirin 990 incorporatesthe 5G modem in the same given the dimensions of the processor itself. Thanks to this, the chip can be 36% smaller than keeping the two components separate.

Kirin 990In addition to the gain of floor space, this approach provides some relief of energy consumption by not requiring the 5G modem to compose in dedicated DRAM memory to work. Here the possible performance is up to 2.3 Gb / s in the download and 1.25 Gb / s in the load.

Kirin 990: It has a double (or triple) Neural Processing Unit

Huawei will not neglect artificial intelligence, right? Right: Another highlight of the Kirin 990 It is the presence of the NPU (Neural Processing Unit) of the Da Vinci architecture.

The mission of this architecture is optimize the use of CPU and GPU in a variety of applications, such as games and photography, so that the smart phone can offer all the necessary performance without consuming too much energy.

To this end, the NPU has been divided into two components: a large nucleus handles the most complex tasks; another smaller nucleus takes care of simplest operations and, therefore, requires little power.