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the first UHD professional monitor

When it comes to monitors, image quality is the center of everything and Samsung knows it. That is why the brand has launched the UD970, the first professional Ultra High Definition (UHD) monitor that offers superior image quality with great color accuracy designed for professionals in the audiovisual sector, graphic design and the world of music. photo.

The UD970 monitor has a 31.5-inch screen and through an improved calibration system, the team achieves optimal levels of color accuracy and offers the image quality demanded by the most demanding creative professionals.

In addition, the Samsung UD970 minimizes the color disparity between the input and output and has a simple screen adjustment, which provides a more sensitive, personalized and uninterrupted operation.

The monitor UD970 has been designed for creative professionals who need full color accuracy to produce the highest quality content and designs The UD970 monitor provides superior color quality, greater uniformity, clarity and image quality, all offered in a modern and ergonomic design. Angel Rodrguez, Head of IT Marketing at Samsung Iberia.

Samsung has reported that this equipment is the only LED monitor that allows you to see 99.5% of the Adobe RGB range, which means a reduction in output errors and minimizes the disparity when printing.

With UHD image quality and 10-bit color depth, representing more than one billion colors, the monitor offers the ultimate in image quality. The UD970 monitor also comes equipped with 8 different color pre-sets to meet the demands of any project.

And for improved multitasking and efficiency, the dual color mode of the monitor allows two different color modes on the screen. The monitor can be represented in two different color outputs regardless of the source. The Quad Windows Picture-by-Picture (PBP) function supports up to four FHD windows on one screen simultaneously, while a dual window function allows the monitor to be connected to two PCs and have two native viewing resolutions.

Industry certifications

The Samsung UD970 monitor has received the first industry certificate for UHD image quality and performance when reproducing color. The certification of this equipment has been granted by different leading certification organizations such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), TV Rheinland and Forgra.

The UD970 monitor has passed rigorous UL and TV Rheinland tests to determine its color accuracy and image quality. This includes the evaluation of the Adobe RGB color gamut based on the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) standard in which the monitor has achieved 99.5% color accuracy.

The new team has also received a certification for its ability to reduce color disparity when printing and improve the accuracy of printed color. The Fogra certification is an international printing standard that certifies the accuracy with which a printer can replicate the colors seen on the monitor, an essential aspect for graphic designers and other professionals.