The FCC certifies a Motorola device, possible Nexus 6

The FCC certifies a Motorola device, possible Nexus 6

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That the Nexus 6 is an open secret we all know, but many of us need confirmation of everything about this device to stay calm. And that everything remains in a scare, or in a disappointment.

The rumored almost six inches that Google Nexus 6 will have has divided many users. Some thank him, while others do not quite convince them of a smartphone or, rather, big phablettan. The fact is that Motorola has passed the certification to the FCC of a device. A six-inch phone accompanied by hardware Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 at 2.65 gHz, 3 GB of RAM and Android L.

The coincidences are many and everything suggests that this device is the new Nexus 6. If all goes well, the wait should not take long for the new Google and Motorola phone to come to light as Android L. The rumored date is late October or early November, so the agony and uncertainty end soon.

Do you think the Nexus 6 be a bestseller as were its predecessors? Or the six inches be the great hndicap of this phone?