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The best cheap activity trackers and wristbands

The best cheap activity trackers and wristbands

cheap activity trackers and wristbands

The offer of wearable technology to monitor the activity is very wide. You find devices for all tastes and budgets. From more expensive, such as Apple Watch or Fitbit Versa to the most affordable. Our favorite tracker is the Fitbit Inspire HR because it has everything we need for only $ 100 dollars. But we have tried many more to tell you the cheap activity trackers and wristbands that we liked most of all the analyzed.

The best ever

Fitbit Inspire HR

cheap activity trackers and wristbands

Why you should buy it: It is an affordable product of the leading brand in this business.

For who it is: Athletes who want a basic automatic tracker in an ultra-flat package.

Why we choose the Fitbit Inspire HR:

The name Fitbit has been synonymous with fitness trackers since the day they debuted. Although the Inspire HR is not as elegant as some of the company's high-end products, the name itself guarantees reliability. The bottom line is that it works effectively, which is what you want from a fitness tracker.

Fitbit Inspire HR is packed with features that include automatic activity tracking throughout the day, including steps, distance, active minutes, heart rate and burned calories. Activity monitoring is complemented by sleep monitoring functions, women's health and reminders for you to move. Maybe you are a swimmer or hate the idea of ​​having to take your tracker off every time you take a shower? Fitbit Inspire HR is waterproof and even monitors swimming.

The Inspire HR has the same automatic wireless synchronization with your cell phone as Fitbit's high-end devices, and the battery life is decent, up to approximately five days. The product is elegant and if you prefer an even more elegant look, there are plenty of accessories available for purchase. It's hard to beat such a complete package for this price, especially one backed by the Fitbit name.

The most elegant

Withings Move

cheap activity trackers and wristbands

Why you should buy it: You want a fitness tracker that looks more like a watch than a fitness tracker.

For who it is: Fitness enthusiasts who care about style.

Why we choose Withings Move:

Fitness trackers often look rough, sporty or too big for a person's grimace. Withings Move is a stylish solution for fitness enthusiasts who want a device that really looks good. The Move has a classic analog watch face, with all the physical condition monitoring elements hidden inside the case. The only clue that Move is a fitness tracker is the third small hand that serves to track progress on your stepper target.

Apart from its good appearance, Withings Move monitors steps, distance, burned heats and sleep, combining appearance with functionality. It is also resistant to swimming, has automatic exercise detection and can produce a GPS track when connected to your mobile phone. It includes replaceable batteries that last up to 18 months, so you won't have to deal with the hassle of having to charge it every few days. However, you will have to take it to a professional to change the batteries.

Withings even allows you to customize the colors of the watch with options for the dial, the case, the activity hand and the strap.