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The application for your Xiaomi Mi Band or Amazfit Bip that will surprise you

Activity wristbands are not a device with too many years in the market, but we currently have such powerful and economical models that we could consider them a mature product. And what is the brand that comes to mind when we mention those bracelets? Surely Xiaomi and its Mi Band, are "wearables" as good as economic.

To control the Xiaomi Mi Band or Amazfit Bip watches need a special application of Xiaomi, My fit. It is also not essential as there are other compatible apps that take even more advantage, such as Notify & Fitness. But surely you do not know the application that we will present today: Gadgetbridge.

This app is open source, It is free of ads, you do not exchange data with any company (not even with Xiaomi), it offers a secure administration of the devices and it is compatible with several of them. It works with the Xiaomi Mi Band, with the Amazfit Bip, with the clocks Pebble and even with wearables of Casio. All in a complete app and very easy to use.

Gadgetbridge allows you to manage the Xiaomi Mi Band and other wearables by expanding the original functions

The application for your Xiami Mi Band or Amazfit Bip that will surprise you

As we said, the application that we recommend offers a vast compendium of functions with the assurance that it is an application completely open source. It is under development, it should be emphasized, but it works really well: we have been testing and we have loved it.

Simply install Gadgetbridge, find new compatible devices and go: the application will synchronize with the Xiaomi Mi Band or Amazfir Bip (among others) giving you all the information with its graphs and details. In addition, it is possible to configure all notifications, offers alarms, constant sleep and pulse records, step count … It even has time information on the wrist, it is impressive.

The application for your Xiami Mi Band or Amazfit Bip that will surprise you

The application will collect the data offered by the sensors of the device without having to have any other app installed: you can do without up to My fit. And it includes movement alerts and screen activation by raising the wrist: not only do you not lose anything, you also gain a lot. Well, maybe you miss the competitions between friends, is one of the few options that are appreciated in Mi Fit.

Download Gadgetbridge now and forget about the rest of the applications

The application for your Xiami Mi Band or Amazfit Bip that will surprise you

We liked it very much for its versatility and options added to the official application. Also because it maintains greater privacy no matter how much you need to request a lot of permissions to make it work (it is essential). And you get rid of all the ads that do have other alternatives to Mi Fit.

You want to try Gadgetbridge? It is available in F-Droid. You can download it from the official F-Droid application or use the following shortcut to Apk. And you also have access to the application's GitHub. It weighs only 4.2 MB.