Xiaomi Mi CC9

The alleged Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro has appeared certified: it will soon be launching

Xiaomi Mi CC9

Xiaomi is not a company that has been characterized by launching devices from time to time, but on the contrary since it is always very active, so its repertoire of smartphones is expanded very frequently. And, after launching the Xiaomi Mi A3, a terminal that has left everyone with a very good taste, it seems that he won't wait long to launch a more powerful variant of it.

We recently commented on the possible arrival of My A3 Pro, because several indications have recently come to light that indicate that we would soon be receiving it. To give strength to the theory, a presumed motive -which is believed to be the same- has obtained approval by a Russian entity; We talk more about this below.

The Russian EEC agency has granted approval to a mysterious terminal named under the model code ‘M1904F3BG’. In the database of this regulatory body do not appear the characteristics and technical spacifications of this mobile, but we can get an idea from those of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 (M1904F3BT / M1904F3BC), since the terminal seems to be a model of this though would arrive as Mi A3 Pro to the market.

Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro certificate

Since the device certified by the EEC is, in fact, the Xiaomi CC9, there is a high probability that it will arrive as the Mi A3 Pro in Europe, to be more concrete.

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Recall that the Xiaomi Mi CC9 has a 6.39-inch AMOLED screen with FullHD + resolution of 2,340 x 1,080py notch, a Snapdragon 710 processor, a 6 GB RAM, a storage space of 64/128 GB and a battery of 4,030 mAh with support for fast charging of 18 watts, while the Xiaomi Mi A3 is more modest and has the Snapdragon 665 processor.

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