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The AirPods Pro have come out today and there are images of their Chinese clones

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Apple introduced its new AirPods Pro, a new headset a little over 24 hours ago with active noise cancellation that complete Apple's most professional catalog. The AirPods Pro are already available in the Apple Stores worldwide, however their fakes will not be long in coming.

Just a few hours after its official presentation, images of alleged Chinese clones of the AirPods Pro are already beginning to appear. We probably won't take long to see them in Chinese online stores at a much lower price.

Clones of Apple devices are a classic

Although it may seem that fakes have declined in recent years, the truth is that they remain widespread. You just have to take a little tour of any Chinese online store and check that there are still many device clones, especially if they are from Apple.

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The original AirPods are probably one of the most Apple devices copied by this type of fakes, some are even able to mimic the internal processor so that exactly the same animation appears on your iPhone.

It is curious how these companies are able to launch their fakes at the same time that official products are launched. It is clear that they must have some accomplice in Apple factories to have your clones ready as soon as possible. However its quality is not usually up to Apple devices.

These clones of the AirPods Pro probably look very similar to the official ones, however we doubt they have the same advanced sound functions that Apple has included in its new headphones. When they start appearing in the main stores we will try to analyze to see if they can do something against the original AirPods Pro.