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The 5 keys to winning the solitaire games Carta Blanca (FreeCell)

White Card tricks

White Card tricks

The White Card game, also called FreeCell, is a solitaire card invented by Paul Alfille. It is a very fun modality that varies with respect to the majority of loners that we all know. Almost all combinations of the game can be won, although there are also certain deals that are impossible to complete.

This makes the game much more interesting than most loners, where luck is an important factor when playing. In White Letter Your success rate depends mostly on your ability To place the cards. If you feel a little lost in the first games we would like to give you some tips to win.

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What strategy to use to correctly solve the lonely White Card?

There are several things to consider in order to win, be sure to internalize them before starting the game.

  • Examine the picture well before making each move. Keep in mind that the easiest movements will not always be the best, it is important that you plan your next movements in your mind before making the movements on the board.
  • You will have to give priority to the release of aces and doses. Do this, especially if they are very marginalized after very high cards. Moving the aces and doses to the cells enabled for this should be your priority in the first minutes of the game.
  • Cows cells, better cows. Try to keep them as long as possible. Once you have these complete cells you will not have so much room for maneuver. Your ability to maneuver is key to being able to move cards that do not fit these cells, but if you complete them at the beginning then it will be much more difficult to continue solving the solitaire.
  • Try to empty columns that will allow you more room for maneuver. The cows columns are still more important because they not only allow you to house one card but several. Vers increased your ability to maneuver brutally as you empty columns. You can use them to fill long sequences that begin with a King.
  • Don't move the cards to the arrival columns as fast as you can. Sometimes you need them to be able to undo the combinations that you have stacked in the box.

And with these 5 tips we are sure you can complete the White Card games in a "short" period of time. Keep in mind that at the beginning (if you haven't played much) it will be quite complicated to complete the games but as you gain practice you will see how your resolution speed increases exponentially.

These types of card games help work your skills and stimulate your mind. It is never a bad time to play a game in this tremendous game. If instead you are looking for others that you can play offline, here are some perfect for your Android.

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