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The 5 best applications to record podcasts from your mobile

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Podcasts are recorded radio programs that can be heard later on the internet. This series of often focused audio episodes focus on a particular topic, such as cycling or startups. You can subscribe to the program with an application on your phone and listen to episodes whenever you want on your headphones, in the car or through the speakers. One of the reasons why podcasts have so many followers is that this format fits perfectly in our busy lives. But, in addition to the ease in listening to them, also it is increasingly easy to record your own programs thanks to the large number of tools that exist. If you want to start broadcasting a podcast and do not have a computer with professional software, or you already have one but you are looking for a solution that you can use when you do not have your usual equipment, check out the following applications to record podcasts from the mobile that You can use.

The best applications to record podcasts from your mobile


Also available on the web at, Anchor is the best application to record from the mobile. Offer completely free hosting for podcast creators. Anchor allows you to import voice messages, group chat, import music from Spotify, transitions, and sound effects, as well as standard recording. Once completed, you can upload your podcast to iTunes or Google Play.

To make a multiple podcast, your guests will also need to use Anchor on their phones. You can send invitation links via SMS and, once received, your guests can participate using your phone as in a normal call or connecting a headset and a microphone.

Spreaker Studio

One of the applications to record podcast from the most complete mobile is Spreaker Studio, a complete podcasting tool. Offers a Full user interface with a virtual recording studio that includes an editable soundboard. You can stream your podcasts live, or record them with separate volume controls for each channel. Once this is done, the podcast is automatically uploaded to the Spreaker hosting and you can add a title, an image, a set of tags and a description. Spreaker even allows you to share the podcast on YouTube and iHeartRadio (the latter with a Pro subscription). Spreaker Studio is the best option for Android users. You can further improve the experience by connecting a high quality podcasting microphone.

Applications to record podcasts


Podbean offers a mobile application along with a hosting package from 3 per month for 100MB of monthly storage and 100GB of bandwidth, although there is also a free version. There are larger packages available, which offer unlimited options and include detailed statistics and the possibility of having several administrators, depending on how much you want to spend.

The application offers access to the Podbean podcast library and manages subscriptions. The free version allows you to record a podcast that you can edit with some basic functions (which will allow you to eliminate unwanted background noises), and you can add it with background music by choosing from the several free tunes offered by the application.

Note that You do not have to use Podbean hosting, even if you are using the recording function of the application. On the Settings page, you can specify a location to save podcasts. This means that you can easily upload your recording to the podcast hosting service of your choice.

Mobile podcaster

Mobile Podcaster allows you to record your podcast but has no hosting to store it, so it is designed to record the audio tracks and upload them later to WordPress, since the application is compatible with many plugins with which you can create a post on your website after publishing the audio. But, although it is perfect for directly uploading audio to WordPress, it also allows you to export the file or send it by email. Regarding the operation, it is very simple, since you just have to press the record button and start talking. It allows you to choose between three sound quality options, depending on the needs you have at all times, and import mp3 from other apps or trim the recording, among many other functions.

Opinion podcast

Opinion Podcast is one of the applications to record podcast from the mobile easier to use, which also makes it one of the most downloaded and used by users. When you record your podcast, the application creates a web address so you can easily share it. In addition, with this application you can record, edit and publish your podcast in any audio app, but also in social networks like Twitter, Facebook, or in the iTunes Podcast directory.