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Spotify is already testing voice recognition in the app


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<p>Spotify has been introducing a lot of new features these months. The popular music streaming app works on new improvements, such as a timer to cut playback. Now, it has been revealed that another interesting feature will come to the app. Since they are currently <strong>doing tests on it with voice recognition</strong>. This function is expected to arrive in a few months.</p><div class=

In this way, users will have the possibility of interact with Spotify using voice commands. One way to use the music streaming app in a simpler way on your Android smartphone. The first tests are currently underway in the application.

At first, This function will be intended for advertising in profiles. So users can accept or reject ads using a voice command. Which helps to improve the use of the application. Since it prevents users from having to interrupt their listening or manipulate the app by hand, at a time when they cannot.

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<p>Although there are ads that are of interest to the user, <strong>how can you use a Spotify premium promotion</strong>, you will not have to open the app to access this information. About will have to answer affirmatively and we will be taken to said link, where to have information about said offer. Although it is not ruled out that this use of voice commands will be extended.</p>
<p>The first steps with this function are being taken in Spotify in this way. We do not know very well at what stage these tests are in the application. It seems that the intention is that<strong> in a few months you can use it</strong>. But the company has not given dates so far.</p>
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Without a doubt, it is a first important step. Surely the next step will be the possibility of control the app with voice controls. So we can ask Spotify to reproduce our favorite artists in a simple way. We will see how the introduction of this function evolves.

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