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Speed ​​and chase in a devilish craft game: Breakneck

You are being persecuted in a futuristic landscape far from the hand of God. What do you do?

Go out at full speed with your ship and overcome obstacles that come our way. That is the premise of Breakneck, a fast-paced Android game that you can try right now. It will allow us to feel a sense of speed coupled with the burden of being chased for evil purposes.

This argument could be applied to a lot of Android games. But Breakneck is different. Possessor of graphics well above the established, and with good performance as a mobile title, we trust that this game Will not disappoint you.

Breakneck, or how to run away at full throttle

Flee from your space captors at Breakneck

We don't have a history per se, but we do have a small argument to work on. We drive a spaceship capable of traveling great distances running away from some captors. Breakneck is an "endless runner" in which we will have to travel as much land as possible before they catch us or end up crashed.

But having a constant speed we would be caught right away, so the resource presented by this game is curious as well as fun; we will have that recharge energy from the walls to have a kind of "chute" of nitrous oxide. This way we can increase the distance between us and our pursuers.

Flee from your space captors at Breakneck

What stands out about Breakneck is Your graphic section. We have a fairly high detail quality and some scenarios simply huge in which to move. The interface is almost non-existent, since our controls will be based on pressing on the sides of the screen to direct the ship. Above we will see our distance and how much our captor is missing to reach us.

Flee from your space captors at Breakneck

Apart from currencies, we can also perform the aforementioned process: Collect energy from the walls. This is complicated, because the speed of the ship is very high and that the walls They are not usually straight. The scenarios are made up of a series of corridors and structures that require complicated maneuvering, and we cannot always refuel.

When we reach the horizon, we will change levels. As we move forward, the faster our tracker will go and therefore, the more we will have to improve the ship. This is not a mystery, since it is the classic operation of this kind of video games. Although I already tell you that with the first ship we will have a considerable margin of action.

Fast speed and huge scenarios

Flee from your space captors at Breakneck

What Breakneck highlights is in his sense of speed. We have very high graphics and a vivid speed sensation that will put our skills to the limit. In fact, this is added to what we already mentioned before, and they were Nonlinear maps. The more progress, the more convoluted the maps will be and therefore the more you will have to maneuver.

I love the speed mix and The feeling of being overwhelmed of being persecuted. This is encouraged when we see that our captor is close and we have to cut distance by hitting the walls, but We must maneuver not to end up in the scrapping. It's a real challenge that I really liked to face in Breakneck.

Flee from your space captors at Breakneck

Although several things have to be taken into account. One, that the game (having those graphics) demands a certain performance, so if you don't have a mid-range or high-end device, it's difficult for you to have a totally satisfactory experience. We had no problems in our tests, but if you start taking screenshots or other things, the frames come down drastically.

And on the other hand, we couldn't forget of the freemium Yes, we have payments within the app, and Up to 3 types of currency. They are not far from determining in the game, but we can not miss the opportunity to warn you about it.

Flee from your space captors at Breakneck