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Soon we will have the Xiaomi mi4 international version 4G LTE

Pronto tendremos el Xiaomi mi4 versión internacional 4G LTE

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<p style=We agree that the Xiaomi mi4 is one of the best high-end terminals and that is very beautiful and very fast and very 3G. Yes, we are facing one of the best high-end, BUT WITHOUT 4G LTE. This made many users anxious to leave the terminal, in the end they did not opt ​​for their purchase, something completely normal.

Well, thanks to TENNA we know Xiaomi’s next asset. Launch an international version of your mi4 with 4G LTE.Good news for those unhappy users. We also know that it will be compatible with almost every network in the world, so in Spain and America they will be covered. In principle this Xiaomi mi4 just bring this change and All other aspects of the terminal will remain identical.

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<p style=It is not a rumor or anything like that, since the terminal has passed the TENNA certifications and it has been this same organization that has revealed the existence of the terminal. So for this Christmas we can surely have the Xiaomi mi4 4G LTE for Spanish lands.

Personally, I already thought it was a good purchase option before knowing this version, but once the 4G LTE international version was announced, it looks much better. Also It seems to me a failure on the part of the Chinese company, not having chosen to implement this technology from the beginning, which they surely did not do because they wanted to launch the terminal as soon as possible.

In short, a good terminal, which will surely come with a price not very high as Xiaomi has already accustomed us and that with this version has already corrected the biggest problem I had.

What do you think about the launch of this terminal? Would you have preferred to incorporate this technology already?