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So you can know who has WhatsApp number

So you can know who has WhatsApp number

WhatsApp is one of the most used digital tools in the world and there are many people who have our contact and we have no idea. It is very important, for security, to know who can contact us through this app and thanks to a few simple steps you can discover how many contact lists you are.

First you have to Enter the WhatsApp Broadcast List. You find it inside the chat screen in the upper left (on iOS) and you can access it by typing the three points that appear (on Android).

Once on the Broadcast List add all contacts and Send any message through this list. Hi, what's up? Then check the reading information of your message after a while (allow time for all contacts to receive it).

Note that numbers appear that you do not have registered in your phone because what the Diffusion List does is to send the message to contacts stored in groups where maybe you were once and answered something, but that you did not necessarily add those people to your contact list

The process works in two ways, as it is likely that the message to people who have not added you to their contact list.

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