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Samsung is already working on 6G

Samsung is already working on 6G

5G networks and smartphones have not yet arrived correctly, but Samsung is already working on the next generation of cellular network technology.

The Korea Herald

He reported Tuesday that Samsung has launched a new research center, focused, among other things, on 6G research.

The new center is called the Advanced Communications Research Center and is part of Samsung's main research and development organization in Seoul: Samsung Research.

“The current team on telecommunications technology standards has been expanded to initiate a leading investigation in the 6G network,” An unnamed Samsung official told the agency.

Since 5G

At least the consumer-ready portion is still in its infancy, most people (except a certain president) are probably wondering what 6G means right now, and the answer is: not much.

It is a likely name for cellular network technology that comes after 5G, but it is very early in its development, and it probably won't become anything sold for at least a couple more years.

On its Samsung Research website

Samsung doesn't say much about 6G.

"Already in Europe, China and the United States, there are open discussions about the need for research on 6G, the next generation after 5G, and the first research projects are already underway worldwide," affirms the website.

As expected, the report of The Korea Herald also has few details, in addition to saying that the new research center will also work on artificial intelligence and robotics