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Samsung has taken a month to copy one of the novelties of the iPhone 11 Samsung copies the slofies of the iPhone 11

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<p>The possibility of taking selfies in slow motion is named slofie and has resulted <strong>the most fun and viral feature of the iPhone 11.</strong> For many, this quality has been decisive when it comes to acquiring the latest Apple equipment. And if it translates into sales, the competition wants to have it.</p><div class=

This time it has been Samsung the first company to replicate the feature of the slofie, presented a month ago by the boys of Cupertino to show the potential of the new 12 Mpx TrueDepth camera. According to the publication of andro4all, this has been proven in some Galaxy with the One UI 2.0 and Android 10 beta.

The first tests shared by some users, affirm that the slofie they are not appreciated with the same quality than the ones we can see on iPhone, which seems normal at this stage. It has also been known that, although the options cannot be customized before the start of the video, it will later be possible to make changes in the playback speed.

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What will Samsung slofies be called?

Everything indicates that Samsung is very advanced to have this feature available on its most modern devices. But personally, it intrigues me to know by what name will they make it known And if this is as attractive as the new term that Apple created for this function and registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. No doubt the Samsung marketing team has work to do.

Apple has hit the spot by creating a creative feature to share on social networks And the result has been great. Can Samsung add some extra element to compete with the slofie of the apple groves? Tell us your opinion in the comments!