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Samsung Gear VR may be released on December 1

Samsung Gear VR may be released on December 1

Video game and video game sales have grown dramatically in recent years. For this, some technology companies have decided to enter this world, from which they can obtain a great economic benefit. Something that has always been sought has been to be able to introduce us as much as possible in the game, something that will soon be possible thanks to a very large technological development, Samsung Gear VR.

Samsung Gear VR is a virtual reality headset very useful for video games, created by Oculus, a company that was bought very recently by Facebook. This helmet allows us to feel inside the graphic scenario, contrary to what Google Glass does, that simply give us information about the environment in our eyes, what will be known as augmented reality.

This virtual reality helmet It was presented at the last IFA fair in Berlin and it was a big surprise, since at first it was expected that Samsung Gear VR were glasses similar to Google Glass. One of the negative aspects is that for these to work we must have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which has to be connected to the helmet via the USB charging port.

Samsung Gear VR may be released on December 1

Thanks to the latest Samsung document leaked recently we already know its date of release, which will be on December 1, in the middle of the Christmas campaign. It is unknown if we can enjoy this device internationally or it will only go on sale in South Korea, as has happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge.

As for the price, it is rumored to come to cost about 187 dollars (150 euros to change), a very low price for the exclusivity of the product. Although as we said before, it will be necessary to have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for its operation, which is why buyers of this product may think twice before getting this virtual reality headset.

Will you buy this virtual reality helmet in case it was available in Spain?