Se filtra la Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 6 pulgadas con procesador Exynos y 3 GB de RAM

Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 6 inches with Exynos processor and 3 GB of RAM is filtered

It seems that Samsung is ready to renew its tablet park, since if yesterday we were teaching you the Galaxy Tab 3 officially, today it's time to dive between forums from the other part of the world to get the filtration of the Galaxy Note 3. It hasn't been that long since the Galaxy Note 8.0 was announced, so it may sound somewhat strange to take another device out of the range; but on the other hand it is not surprising that Samsung is already preparing the next iteration of its tablet model with pen, since it has proven to be very successful worldwide.

According to this leak, the Galaxy Note 3 it will be a 6 inch device (or 5.99 inches, to be more exact) with 1080p resolution, contrary to what the rumors assured, that they spoke of 6.3 inches. Technically, it seems that it would be at the forefront in terms of performance versus the competition. Not only would I have the new eight-core Exynos processor that has given so much to talk about, but would also have 3 GB of RAM, an exceptional amount compared to the rest.

We do not have more data, but if these are confirmed real it is very possible that, after the disappointment of the Galaxy Tab 3 yesterday, we have a serious concringent in our hands.

Via | Android Community