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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: we tested the smartphone-camera hybrid

The first question that anyone who has this device in their hands is the same: What is the Samsung Galaxy k Zoom really? A camera or a phone? The answer is simple but not simple: it is both at the same time.

With a clear difference from its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 Zoom, especially in design and comfort, we find a powerful phone equipped with a very good camera in which it highlights, without a doubt, the optical zoom. Exactly how you read: optical zoom. No digital enlargements (that false zoom), if not a true approach to the object through lenses. All the quality that allows this zoom has to bring some counterpart and that is, of course, the weight of the terminal.

But let's go in parts. We will analyze each of its aspects stopping, as is logical, in the news that his camera brings us. After a few weeks using it as a single phone (and camera) these are our conclusions:


As we have said before, Samsung has greatly improved the design with respect to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, winning in aesthetics and, above all, in comfort when grabbing it. Its rear part is curved, eliminating the protrusion that had the previous model, very annoying especially in the pocket. To improve grip, lThe Korean brand has changed the material, maintaining that of the Galaxy S5, using a surface also plastic but with a rubbery touch much more pleasant and that prevents us from slipping.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: we analyze the smartphone-camera hybrid

If we look at it from the front, the screen, we will find a smartphone just like any other: a large 4.8 ? Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 × 720 (HD). On the screen, as is common in Samsung, we find the speaker, the front camera and the logo, and at the bottom we have the physical button and the two menus and backspace.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: we analyze the smartphone-camera hybrid

It is when we turn it around when we check the brand's effort to achieve an impressive device. If ahead was a phone like others, behind we are facing a true compact camera with its objective and its flash Incorporated. The objective isretractable and provides us with a 10x optical zoom in a relatively thin body (20 mm at its widest part, with the lens closed).

The smartphone

First thing: it is not a Samsung Galaxy S5 with camera. However, without reaching the star terminal levels of this year of the Korean brand, we are facing a magnificent high-end terminal.

Its processor is a powerful Samsung Exynos 5260 Hexa-Core. Actually they are two processors, a quadcore at 1.3 GHz and another dualcore at 1.7 GHz, six cores in total, although the one we will use the most is quadcore. The dual-core processor will start working automatically when we are performing operations that do not require too much power, to save battery.

It has 2 GB of RAM and an internal memory of 8 GB expandable up to 64 GB via microSD card. Of those 8 GB we will only have less than half, so that a memory card is an essential element since we will need a lot of space for all the photographs we take.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: we analyze the smartphone-camera hybridThe battery is 2,430 mAh, generous but clearly insufficient given the exhaustive use that we will give to this terminal. While this battery will be more than enough to hold an entire day on any smartphone, here we find a camera that, as is logical, we will use a lot and spend a lot of energy. The good news is that it is removable, so we can buy one more battery. Also the Galaxy K Zoom has Samsung's own saving mode with which, sacrificing some applications and connections, we can easily reach the day of use.

About the software, little to say: low Android KitKat 4.4.2, and with Samsung's own layer, TouchwizThe Galaxy K Zoom maintains many of its older brother's applications, except some like S Heatlh. Tennis all the information in the analysis we perform in your day.

The camera

The true differentiating factor of this device is, as we have said, its camera. Without a doubt, it is lmaybe we have seen on a smartphone, thanks to its optical zoom x10 of course helped by its image stabilizer.

Although it is not one of the fastest zooms, it is worth losing that speed when you zoom in on the image (using the volume buttons or on the touch screen) because of the quality of the shots. That it is not the fastest does not mean that it is slow: it only takes 3 seconds to fully deploy the target in its entirety (optical zoom x10 ms the same for digital zoom, reaching x20).

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: we analyze the smartphone-camera hybridZoom x0
Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: we analyze the smartphone-camera hybrid10x zoom
Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: we analyze the smartphone-camera hybridX20 zoom

The optics is 4.4-44 mm 1: 3.1-6.3 24 mm, that is, the biggest goal we can see on a smartphone. The sensor, meanwhile, is a BSI CMOS of 20.7 megapixels, more than enough for any of our photographic needs.

Your flash is also relevant: real xenon flash instead of the common LED flash. Another essential element is the Image Stabilizer, which makes it really difficult to take a moving photo, even with the maximum zoom.

As for the video, record in various sizes up to Full HD at 60 fps, of course, although we will not find options like recording in 4K, On the contrary, we can record video at various speeds: both fast and slow.