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Remove annoying applications that fill your mobile with ads

We usually say that the best way to avoid problems with applications is to taking special care with what we install. You have to monitor the permissions, make sure the developer is the right one, you have to run away from the apps that promise to improve the battery or cool the phone … Yes, we must pay attention. However, we always leave a loophole through which "they can strain it."

Showing ads in applications is the most viable way to monetize the development effort. We usually see the ads when we open the apps, but it could happen that skip advertising without coming to mind. Ads on the lock screen, in notifications, when we are using an application that lacks advertising …

Do you see ads that you don't know where they come from? Have you installed something that collapses your advertising smartphone? We will help you identify the problem and eliminate it at the root with the help of a newcomer to Google Play: Appwatch.

AppWatch monitors the use of applications to detect abusive behaviors

Eliminate annoying applications that fill your mobile ads

The app that we propose is not going to clean your phone from ads that are propagated with advertising, but it will help you identify those applications so that you delete them without any look. It is a simple and safe process: you will remove the annoying "popups" and intrusive ads that appear without coming to mind.

You may have installed an app from Google Play that propagates with advertising, also an Apk with bad intentions. Anyway, you must identify the cause of the problem: it comes into play Appwatch.

AppWatch access the activity log of your Android (you must give permission) to identify all applications that come into operation, also in the background. In this way it is very easy to find the application that overloads you with advertising: just look at an ad, open AppWatch and investigate between the accesses of the latest applications.

The process to use Appwatch The following is correct:

  • Install Appwatch, give permission to access the activity log, activate the monitoring and use the mobile in the usual way.
  • Wait until an ad appears in the notification bar, lock screen, popup on the desktop …
  • Once you have skipped the unexpected announcement, open AppWatch from the notifications and investigate the list of latest apps.
  • The application that has been exceeded with advertising will be the latest: that way you will have identified it.
  • Clearly detect the applications detected and make sure you don't install them anymore.

Eliminate annoying applications that fill your mobile ads

There are more ways to detect intrusive and unwanted ads, but with Appwatch It is extremely simple. In addition, you will know what applications and services they have been running on your phone: It is an excellent way to know what happens in the background.

Appwatch It is a free, secure application and only has an ad banner; that you can eliminate with a micropayment to the developer. Further, give promocodes In this XDA Developers thread: you will have more complete access to the app and you can help in its development.