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Remix OS 1.5 based on Android Lollipop, now available for Jide Ultra Remix and Nexus 10


Remix OS 1.5 based on Android Lollipop, now available for Jide Ultra Remix and Nexus 10

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July 9, 2015

Remix OS is the operating system that the Jide company, led by three former Google employees, developed for its first tablet, the Jide Ultra Remix, and which has subsequently arrived in the form of ROM for other models, among which is the Nexus 10. Remix OS It has been updated to its version 1.5 that as they had promised from the company, is based on Android Lollipop. The operating system continues to improve at a surprising speed and it shows the extensive list of changes that this new update includes.

Remix OS was intended as a part of the Jide Ultra Remix, this interesting tablet that we have talked about several times. What happens is that what this customization of Android proposes is something that many would like to have, which is why they launched the ROM, compatible for now with the Nexus 9 and Nexus 10 and also with the Cube i7 Remix, a variant that includes Remix OS by default and can be achieved at a great discount now thanks to an offer launched by Gearbest.

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<p>Although some months ago, the developers said that Remix OS was still very green (practically ?giving away? the Jide Ultra Remix tablet for a group of users to help detect operating system errors), the truth is that it has evolved to Great speed <strong>With version 1.5 leave Android 4.4 Kitkat behind and welcome Lollipop</strong> as a base for Remix OS. The complete list of changes is as follows:</p>
<li>Added: open notifications by sliding down anywhere on the screen</li>
<li>Fixed: empty folders automatically disappear</li>
<li>Fixed: When opening the desktop application folder, the folder closes automatically</li>
<li>Fixed: the bug for which a system failure occurred when setting the password</li>
<li>Improvement: more applications are now compatible with phone mode</li>
<li>Improved: when starting the wizard finishes running, the system response to the black screen problem is too slow</li>
<li>New feature: browser and email support copy, paste and search functions</li>
<li>New feature: the caps lock indicator appears in the upper right of the status bar</li>
<li>New feature: an application in the taskbar, dragging it out of the taskbar when it is open closes the application and dragging it out of the taskbar when it is closed removes it from the taskbar</li>
<li>New feature: keyboard supports firmware updates via OTA</li>
<li>New feature: application windows have variable size in phone mode (Experimental)</li>
<li>New feature: open applications in phone mode can be set (Experimental)</li>
<p>The update can be carried out with the system updater that can be found in the device settings. Finally, note that the company has also announced that it is working on the version of <strong>Remix OS 1.5 compatible with the Nexus 9</strong>, so it shouldn't take long to be available.</p>