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PUBG Mobile now cannot play in India for more than 6 hours a day

PUBG Mobile can now be played for only 6 hours a day in India

After being banned in several cities in India, PUBG Mobile He has introduced a new six-hour game limit in his game in the giant country.

He 6 hours daily game time limit was first seen by SportsKeeda and many players were surprised and published the new update on Twitter with their own screenshots, confirming this news.

PUBG has been receiving some slack recently in India when 16 players were arrested in Rajkot, Gujarat, after the ban came into effect a few days ago. However, it has been clarified that the ban is temporary and it will rise once the high school exams for students are finished, which will be in early April … good news for parents, more than anything.

A game time restriction of only 6 hours a day in India for PUBG Mobile enters into force

The game time restriction of only 6 hours per day in India for PUBG Mobile enters into force

As for the limit of game time, players will be disconnected automatically after six hours of play and they can only start over after a 24-hour break. The interesting thing is that six hours are still long lasting and many players may not be affected by the limit, apart from the more unconditional players. In addition, other similar genre games, such as Fortnite, still remain unrestrained by any rule in the country.

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It is possible that soon the same measures will be applied in other similar battle games, like the aforementioned Fortnite. Recall that something similar happened in China: Chinese teenagers' playtime was cut in half in the famous Honor of Kings game due to several implementations that Tencent imposed after being singled out by various media and government agents for addiction that the game causes (see article here).


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