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Only 10% of antivirus on Android detects all malicious apps


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<p><strong>Android security is a complex issue</strong>, which generates a lot of news. Usually we can see that some malware manages to sneak into Google Play through malicious applications, which can cause many problems. While users have ways to detect if there are malicious applications on their smartphone. One method for this is antivirus, with which to protect the phone at all times from what happens.</p><div class=

Although many users on Android do not use antivirus. Mainly because it is assumed that there are already tools in the system, such as Play Protect that serve as a protection. But for those who use some antivirus on the phoneIt seems that not all of them work in the best way. At least according to a new study.

On this occasion, AV Comparatives have been in charge of analyzing the antivirus available for Android today. In this study, which you can see here, 250 different antivirus have been analyzed. These antivirus have been exposed to some 2,000 infected applications, so it was sought to determine which of them is the most effective in this regard, when detecting such viruses or malware present in them.

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Undoubtedly, a most interesting study, which helps users on Android. Although the results probably surprise more than one. Since only 80 of the 250 antivirus scanners detected 30% of the threats. Only 10% of the antivirus in the test were able to detect them all. So there are big differences in this regard between one and the other. What is important to keep in mind.

Since there are users who have an antivirus on their Android phone, it does not protect the way it should. It is surprising that such a low amount of antivirus have the ability to detect all threats, at least those exposed in this study. Especially since it is expected that an antivirus have a detection rate of at least 90%. Especially today with all the tools available.

The tests have been carried out in two models, as they have said since the study. A Galaxy S9 with Android Oreo and the other was a Nexus 5. In its case with Android Marshmallow 6.0 as an operating system. So you could try apps that don't work well in more recent versions of the operating system. Antivirus was installed in an automation framework, which enabled all its functions to be activated. In addition to activating the WiFi, so that the services of analysis in the cloud of the same were to work.


The tests were the same at all times. An infected APK was downloaded to the phone, installed and executed. There was enough time for the antivirus to detect the threat in question, in addition to notifying the user. Although this has not been entirely correct in all cases. Since only 10% of the antivirus were able to detect all these threats. While two thirds have a detection rate that is less than 30%.

Those with the highest scores in this study have been AVG, Avira, Avast, Bitdefender, Kaspersky Lab or ESET, among others. So there are some known antivirus for users on Android, which is known to give good protection. Something that should definitely make the choice of one much simpler. Because you know that these antivirus will give you a good operation at all times, detecting all threats, even the most recent ones.

Without a doubt, it is a very important study, that makes clear the state of security on Android. For those users who use an antivirus on their phone, it is a time to consider which one to use. Since they are likely to be using one that is not going to give them enough protection.

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