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ON Semiconductor launches energy modules for solar energy, uninterruptible power supplies

Maria Montero

ON Semiconductor has launched two new Power Integrated Modules for its 2018 electronic demonstration along with an Intelligent Power Module for EV charging.

Aimed at applications such as solar power inverters, UPS inverter stages and industrial variable frequency units, the integrated power modules (PIM) NXH160T120L2Q1SG and NXH160T120L2Q2F2SG will be presented at Electronic 2018 on November 13 in Munich.

The devices are designed to relieve designers of the need to work with discrete IGBT or MOSFETS. The objective is faster marketing time, greater reliability, lower cost and significant savings in real estate.

Both modules come in a type of module in a growing series, currently with packages Q0, Q1 and Q2.

The modules Q0, Q1 and Q2PACK. ON Semiconductor screenshot

The NXH160T120L2Q1SG and NXH160T120L2Q2F2SG devices use the Q1PACK and Q2PACK respectively and are intended for inverters in the range of 30 kW to 50 kW.

They incorporate IGBT of field stop ditch and fast recovery diodes, resulting in less conduction and switching losses. Designers are enabled to exchange between low VCE (SAT) and low EEN / EAPAGADO Losses as required by the situation. The high current operation with minimal effects of parsite inductance is possible thanks to the direct bond copper substrate of the units, which allows high switching speeds. The insulation is specified at 3000 VRMS, and the leak is a solid 12.7 mm.

Both devices incorporate three-level inverters with split neutral point clamp constructed from two 160GB / 1200V half-bridge IGBT with reverse diodes and both include a negative temperature coefficient thermistor. Each device also includes a second set of two neutral point IGBTs.

The differences (slight) are in the details


1200V IGBT Specifications:

  • VCE (SAT) = 2.1V @ 160A
  • Switching Power Loss (ESW) = 6.3mJ @ 100A

650V / 100A IGBT Specifications:

  • VCE (SAT) = 1.65V @ 150A
  • Switching power loss ESW = 3.8mJ @ 100A

The device also includes:

  • Two neutral point rectifiers 100A / 1200V
  • Two 100A / 650V half bridge rectifiers

The NXH160T120L2Q1SG is also available as NXH160T120L2Q1PG, with the difference that the former uses welding pins and the latter uses pressure adjustment pins.

NXH160T120L2Q1SG and NXH160T120L2Q1PG packages. Image (modified) of ON Semiconductor

Watch the General product description NXH160T120L2Q1SG for full specifications.

The NXH160T120L2Q2F2SG

1200V IGBT Specifications:

  • VCE (SAT) = 2.15V
  • Switching Power Loss (ESW) = 4.3mJ

600V / 100A IGBT Specifications: