Las Nook tendrán Google Play. ¿Es Amazon Kindle la siguiente?

Nooks will have Google Play. Is Amazon Kindle the next?

There is news that when we see them in passing we do not believe they will affect us too much. As the case at hand: Nook tablets, which until now had only their own store, will receive the app of Google Play. As Nook is not sold in Spain, we immediately discard the news. But, once we ruminate its content, we join the points and make conjectures, we realize that we could very well be before an important piece of news.

The Nook, sold exclusively by the bookstore chain Barnes and Noble, follow a scheme very similar to that of Kindle from Amazon. They started as simple e-books, but the drop in the price of electronic components and recent fashion changes have made them become made and right tablets. They also use a modified version of Android with its unique interface, and have their own app to download books. So, it's logical that they didn't include Google Play, since that would be the equivalent of a supermarket leaving an ambulate seller inside its facilities: it is unwanted competition that can do a lot of damage.

That is why this movement by B&N of launch Google Play for your Nook HD and HD + tablets. What is behind this movement? According to official sources:

We saw that the market was moving towards multifunction tablets. Market studies have shown us that the number of applications available is really critical.

This means that users no longer buy tablets for a single purpose, but are aware of the enormous possibilities that such a device has, and do not want to waste them. And for that you need a shop in conditions, a store like Google Play where the vast majority of developers launch their apps by default.

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The big question is Is Amazon the next? Of course, we are talking about two products with a very different scope. Surely Amazon can afford not to offer Google Play and continue betting on its own store, but you have to keep in mind that its own CEO, Jeff Bezos, already warned that he did not discard it but that Google had not said anything yet.

In the end, it's all about brand image. The Android brand is stronger every day, and is associated by default with Google Play. If users believe they are buying a product that is capable of not being able to access the huge app market, manufacturers will react accordingly. It may not make sense from the point of view of losing sales because of the competition, but you may have it if Amazon does not want to lose sales because users believe that Kindle is not a "real" Android tablet.

And a debate opens that you go there. Are you trying to Google, provide all those Chinese and orphaned Google Apps android with your services and put them in the Google services fold?