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New Google minigame for when you have no connection

Google minigame

Who has not heard of the classic game of the little Tyrannosaurus Rex from Google Chrome. And who has not tried to get as far as possible without tripping over the rocks and colliding with the birds in their path. A game as simple as addictive that even after recovering the connection we "had" to continue playing.

Following this concept, and with the intention of making us not bored with the smartphone in moments without Internet, Google has released another game. The new minigame is based on many others simple platform games that consist of dodging obstacles. He has already managed to have a good time trying it to tell you what we thought.

A minigame to not get bored when we don't have an internet connection

The smartphone is an extraordinary tool for countless things. It helps us a lot in our day to day facilitating tasks and offering all the necessary information. But in addition to all this it also serves, and much, so that a long wait is more entertaining. Look at social networks, write a message, but … What if we lose connection or do not have coverage? So we can still hang out, or so you don't despair while recovering connection Google presents this nice little cloud.

Google minigame

A game available through Google?s own app, So far only for Android, which we find pre-installed on all Android devices. To play, the procedure is the same as for the famous Google Chrome dinosaur. After entering the application and to search, if we do not have internet connection, it activates automatically. We will see on the screen an icon with the ?cloud? next to a button that indicates ?Play?. Press and play! In many occasions, the simplest games are ideal for small moments of boredom.

The game It doesn't have the best graphics on the market, but it's fun, That is what it is. With the cloud attached to your umbrella you must dodge the gray clouds with lightning and the birds you find along the way. The goal is to reach as high as possible to get the maximum score. So you already know that Google is also there to distract you even when you don't have a connection.

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