New design of Notifications in Google Assistant, as it looks

New design of Notifications in Google Assistant, as it looks

As they usually do, right now the Mountain View company is carrying out a series oftests. Only some users have been able to see thisnew design to arrive soonGoogle Assistant, and in a timely manner. But this has been enough to be filtered and we can have a preview in which, first, we can already see that elements such as the personalized greeting or the user avatar are maintained, but in smaller dimensions. These are not too important changes, but only those that affect theorganization of information cards intelligently, and in combination with a chronological order.

Reorganization and redesign of Google Assistant what are the changes?

In these first screenshots we can see what cards like‘Hou’ and the'Weather' they appear as a priority, while the temperature and weather conditions appear below. The main thing, after this redesign, is to show the elements that may be more useful or relevant to the user, instead of giving priority to the chronological organization. In addition, the cards can be expanded for more details and the design, as you can see, has been almost completely changed.

The cards are organized byToday,Next week and later in this same month, but this organization is group. That is, chronological order groups, and within them the order determined by theartificial intelligence depending on relevance or utility. On the other hand, connections with other apps will be increased to expand information, includinggmail quotes added to the calendar ..

Google Assistant It has become a more important tool than ever in Android mobile devices, and little by little the Mountain View company is introducing changes and novelties. This section, which has changed little since the time of Google Now, is the next one planned to be updated. And the role of artificial intelligence is greater, in addition to the changes at the interface level that we can see that are coming soon.