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Monday, of those in which free apps are not bad at all

Chica usando apps iPhone

Girl using iPhone apps

Today, Monday, October 28, we have returned to the iOS App Store (and iPadOS) in search of the best free applications. But they are not any free apps, but they are applications that usually have a fixed price and are currently on offer and available for free for a limited time.

So if in this list you discover an app that has caught your attention, do not hesitate to download it on your iPhone, on your iPad or on your iPod touch. We do not know how long these offers will last, but they may only be available during the course of today. To download!

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Free apps for iPhone and iPad – October 28

Live weather

Live Weather is an application of meteorological information in real time. It offers all kinds of details about the weather such as humidity, pressure, force and wind direction, UV index, temperature, a weather radar and weather forecast for a period of 9 days.

Further: Get Things Done

Do you have one of those days of laziness in which it costs you to move? Quiet, it has happened to all of us. But thanks to applications like Further: Get Things Done, you can be encouraged to get started with to-do lists, reminders and other tools. Highly recommended.

Shoppy ~ Groceries

We continue with another application of productivity and lists, but this time it is a list specially designed to make the purchase. That you have run out of fruit? Try it and go!

Art Filters +

Art Filters + is a photo editing app for iPhone and iPad with absolutely wonderful filters. Also, thanks to the iOS and iPadOS extensions, podrs apply filters directly from the native application of Photos. We are going to download it but now!

AR-Kid: Space

Today we do not forget the smallest of the house and we bring a sper fun educational app. We talk about AR-Kid: Space, an application that helps you better understand space while exploring the Moon and orbiting the planet Earth aboard the International Space Station.

PDF Scanner

A very simple application that allows you to transform any photo into a PDF and scan documents.

Swing Racers

We finished our list of free apps from the App Store with Swing Racers, a car game Very different from everything you've seen. Do you dare to become the absolute owner of car racing?