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Mario Kart Tour premieres a Halloween event full of surprises

Temporada Halloween Mario Kart Tour

Halloween Season Mario Kart TourMario Kart Tour does not stop, and with Halloween just around the corner it was expected to launch new content in honor of this celebration.

Nintendo is knowing how to take advantage of the pull of its mobile version of the classic racing game, which is why it has launched for this period a series of events and special prizes according to the theme of Halloween. And it is that until next November 5 we can enjoy news that we detail below and unlock the exclusive themes.

News for Halloween

New circuits

  • Luigi Mansin
  • Pinball Waluigi
  • Ghost Valley

New characters

  • Stele (Halloween version)
  • King Boo (in normal version and Mansin version of Luigi)
  • Luigi and Baby Luigi (included in reference to the close release of Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch)
  • Waluigi
  • Peachette (exclusive with gold pass)

New vehicles

  • Bee car
  • Pumpkin car
  • King Boo car

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Some of these contents are unlockable. through tube runs or with coins, others like the circuits will be available directly and finally characters like Peachette will be exclusive for those users who have the gold pass to play. In any case we can enjoy exclusive features of this temporary event.
All these novelties will take place in the form of a new Halloween themed tour, which amply as a total of 3 tours available: Tokyo, New York and this last recently launched.

nintendo Mario Kart

Next Christmas Tour?

Seeing the dynamics that the game is taking hopefully the next tour that will be offered to us since the great N is Christmas, since it is the next closest holiday. Until then we have until November 5 to get all the exclusive extras of this tour. Until then we will be waiting for more updates with more news.

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