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IUGO offers free updates of your iPhone-iPad games

IUGO offers free updates of your iPhone-iPad games

If you bought a company game in your day IUGO in your iPhone / iPod Touch version and you have planned buy an iPadare being offered Free updates for these games.

Here is a list with some of the games and the improvements they will incorporate:

  • Zombie Attack, Second Wave. Have a new improved interface, better graphics and new game characters.
  • Cliffed. Also an improvement of graphics, and new funds implemented.
  • Implode. New levels to overcome and interface improvement.

In addition to these, IUGO has a new title, also available for both devices. Is about ESCAPE: Norms World.

Apparently the developers have not only limited to increase the graphics of their games, but they have also taken advantage of Improve your content.

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