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It's Mudita Pure, you can only call and write SMS and it's worth 369 dollars

It's Mudita Pure, you can only call and write SMS and it's worth 369 dollars

Year 2019. The main mobile manufacturers fight to launch the most complete, most powerful mobile phone, capable of replacing cameras and even computers on certain occasions and at the same time trying to achieve the mobile bargain, cutting price and performance. And in that context appears Mudita Pure, a mobile just to call but not for that economic.

The nuance we do today is very necessary; as we say, mobile phones become work tools and even in the era of "dumbphone" (not "smart", now called "feature phone"). And in this case the idea is that it has the minimum benefits, with a minimalist design and electronic ink display, although with a plus: a timer for meditation.

Calls and messages for a medical price

From this we have a history, both on the side of launching a micromanagement initiative (Kikstarter) and trying a mobile with a high price for disconnection. In 2016 we saw something very similar to the Light Phone, which almost looked more like a calculator and that, promising to be worth 100 dollars, in the end it also stays at 350 dollars (and that still has fewer benefits).

How I managed to travel again like in the 80s: no cell phone and no data

The initiative also went ahead with the support of small investors as has happened in this case, in fact they managed reach 90,000 euros in minutes as Sergio Efe commented. The proposal of Mudita Pure: a mobile with the minimum, not even color screen, to communicate and try to relax, but without giving up a studied design and good sound (on paper).

Mudita 02

The mobile has a monochrome electronic ink display of 2.84 inches, with a resolution of 600 x 480 pixels and a density of 270 pixels per inch. It has a physical keyboard (numbers and cursor) and a button similar to that of the OnePlus for sound, but in this case it is to select availability: connected, do not disturb (connect to the network promptly) or disconnected.

No neural processing units, numerous cores or other features of the most powerful modern processors. In this case, the CPU consists of a 600 MHz Cortex-M7 ARM with 16 MB of RAM (not a typo) and 16 GB of eMMC flash storage.

Mudita Functions

What they get is chest bands, so that there are no connectivity problems to change zones and work globally. And of battery, since they promise an autonomy of up to 5 days with normal use and 14 at rest.

Mudita Antenna

Curious the matter of audio, since it does not integrate audio jack but it is a Harman speaker. The operating system is not Android, they have called it MuditaOS and it is similar to the old Nokia Symbian or the current KaiOS, although much more limited by the purpose of this mobile (neither the Snake nor any other game) and with that timer for the meditation that we pointed out.

Mudita Soft

Force yourself to meditate

The proposal is striking and questionable: Is there a potential public for a product that has the same cost as a complete mid-range and offers less than a current feature phone (the Nokia 8110 came out for 79 euros)? Seeing that the wake of the Light Phone follows and that they have achieved their collection goal it seems that yes, so the formula of luxury and minimalism has its followers, perhaps some famous as Scarlett Johansonn or Rihanna (who have used mobiles of this type looking for the minimum connection).

Mudita Meditation