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If you like Sudoku, you'll love the game Mr. Binairo

This game is binary, do you hate it or love it

Years have passed since a diabolical game broke into our daily lives, we talked about Sudoku. A game loved by some and hated by others that has accompanied us, while continuing to challenge us for a single day. Did I need a script turn?

Well it seems that someone has thought that the game of Sudoku is not enough and to give a touch of "fun" has turned binary system. The unsuspecting will think that a board full of ones and zeros is easier to solve …

Mr. Binairo

Under an apparent simplicity, Appsparagus boys have developed a game that will challenge us from the first second. The binary sudoku, also called Takuzu or Binero, is based on three simple rules They are not easy to put into practice.

  • Cannot exist more than two consecutive similar numbers both horizontally and vertically.
  • In each row and column there should be the same amount of ones and zeros.
  • The rows and columns must be unique, repetitions are not allowed.

Simple right? The theory always is, then in practice it is where the game becomes a constant challenge. Thinking about the player, we have nothing more and nothing less than 1000 boards those to face, distributed in four types: 6 × 6 | 8 × 8 | 10 × 10 and 12 × 12.

This game is binary, do you hate it or love it

Once we decided to face Mr. Binairo, we found a game that is quite aesthetically careful, being nice to look at. Soft lines and pastel colors that will make the gaming experience more bearable.

The handling is quite affordable for any player, we just have to click on the box we want to fill in. One touch will give us a zero, another touch a one and a third touch will return us to a blank box. We also have options to undo movements and aids in the form of light signals.

Do not be scared by the challenge Mr. Binairo puts on the screen of our Android device. We are facing a game that It occupies little, does not need connection to play and is free. If we add the wide range of levels that it offers us, it is one of those games that we will appreciate when disconnecting … or going crazy.