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If you have just purchased a new iPad Pro, you want these applications to accompany you.

Maria Montero

The iPad Pro run all the hundreds of thousands of applications optimized for tablets in the iOS App Store, but with the 11-inch screen or the large 12.9-inch screen of Apple, the powerful Apple A12X processor and the Apple Pencil 2 and The optional smart keyboard. You can run some of them better and faster than any previous iPad. Here are the iPad Pro applications that you should review right now.

You don't have an iPad Pro? No problem! You can also run all these applications on your iPad mini or iPad Air.

Procreate has always been one of the best ways for artists to draw or paint on the iPad, and with the iPad Pro, the Savage Interactive team has improved it even more. Of course, there is support for multiple multitasking tasks, but there is also an updated interface to really take advantage of those large screens, including a huge new 16K canvas by 4K. Better yet, Procreate is all in Apple Pencil with 128 brushes ready to take advantage of pressure sensitivity, tilt shading and more. There is Quickline for straight lines, variable pencil control and perspective tool as well. In other words, there is so much!

Coda 2

Coda on the Mac is the way I have done web development, when I had to do a web development! Since it was launched many years ago. It was a revelation: a fully integrated environment, impeccably designed to edit, audit and transfer files for all your sites. And then the developers, Panic, went and did the inconceivable: they took everything to iPad. Now, they have optimized it for iPad Pro and multitasking of multiple applications so you can work on their sites in Coda on the left and preview them in Safari on the right. You can even activate an update in Safari automatically from Coda. It is a triumph. (It's also universal, so you get iPhone and iPad all in one).

Astropad study

Astropad allows you to use your iPad as a graphics tablet for your Mac, and it works great. Now, Astropad also allows you to use your iPad Pro as a big Graphic tablet It works with Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Corel Painter, Manga Studio, Pixelmator and more, so it is not necessary to obtain a separate surface for your computer. Your iPad Pro can serve double function. And yes, it is also compatible with the Apple Pencil! Astropad Studio requires a subscription, you can pay $ 11.99 per month or $ 79.99 per year.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft is still the king of Office applications and that is especially true for spreadsheets. If you've ever wanted to rotate a table or do any number of accounting things, you've wanted to do it in Excel. What makes Excel for iPad especially good is that Microsoft gave priority to even the company's mobile devices, and that startup not only makes it a good Office application, but a good iPad application. Heck, with split view support, makes it a great one. And Word, Powerpoint and OneNote are not far behind.

Note: As the iPad Pro has a screen of more than 12 inches, Microsoft will require a subscription to Office 365 to enable editing features.

Affinity photo

A photo editing tool like no other for the iPad Pro, Affinity Photo was at the center of WWDC Keynote this year. All the editing tools you need to turn your photos into pristine works of art are at your fingertips, and the tip of Apple's pencil. With support for unlimited layers, layer groups, adjustment layers, filter layers and masks, never exceed the power of the software running on the powerful A10X chip processor of the iPad Pro. Affinity Photo also has a large selection of brushes for Choose and use with your Apple Pencil, and you can even make custom brushes on the go, which means you will always have the tools at your disposal to achieve the desired effect.

you don't do

Umake lets you do things. Like cars seriously. It is drawing in 3D. It is being sculpted with industrial design. It's as ridiculously cool as it sounds. It is one of those applications that only makes sense in an iPad world. You can try Umake for free and, if you like, you can unlock the professional features in the app for $ 149.

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