mate 30 europe

Huawei launch the Mate 30 in Spain next month

mate 30 europe

The Mate 30 has generated too much expectation before reaching the market. First because it promises to be a very powerful mobile and second because it does not bring neither Google apps nor services. However, it has been revealed that Huawei launch the Mate 30 in Spain next month. Keep reading and discover every detail!

Although it had been indicated that these phones would be on sale from 799 euros, many thought they would not arrive in Europe due to the conflict between the Chinese brand and the United States government. In addition, Huawei never announced an itinerary for the launch of these phones. For all these reasons, rumors began to emerge that the Chinese company was not going to launch Mate 30 in Europe. After you read this article, see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

When does Mate 30 arrive in Europe?

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According to some Chinese sources, the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro will launch in Europe in mid-November, possibly on the 15th of that month. The list of passes in which the new mobile phone will be sold for the first time has not been revealed, but the company hinted to follow the same pattern as last year. That is, you can debut in countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain or Switzerland.

Now that we know the release date of Mate 30 in Europe, we will have to wait for an official announcement of the company to know for sure if you arrive exactly on November 15.

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Due to the absence of Google services, we find it impossible to guess how to accept Mate 30 within the European market. That s, what is missing from that mobile in Google services, makes up for it with a luxury hardware and an elegant design. All It depends on the needs of the users and what they want to do with their smartphones, but the only certain thing is that this beast will have the quality that characterizes the high-end of Huawei.

Nor can we forget that installing Google services on these phones is very easy, here we explain how. You can even now buy a Mate 30 easily through websites that matter and at an impressive price, we leave you a couple of offers.

And you, Would you like to have a Mate 30 in your hands?Whether or not you have the support of Google, we are facing a mobile to reach the market with everything you need to impress.

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