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How to silence message notifications on Instagram

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Instagram is a hugely popular app among Android users. In our account we can follow other people, in addition to having contact with others through direct messages. While we may not always want messages in the app or notifications of them are annoying. Luckily, the app allows you to silence these notifications, as we can silence contacts in it.

There may be times when we don't want to read the messages that a person sends us On Instagram. If we do not want to block your messages, as with comments. The best we can do in this case is to silence the notifications of such messages. It is a very simple process to carry out in the app.

This is something that can be useful on many occasions.. Especially in times when we want to be calm, without anyone or anything bothering us, much less notifications, as in the mode do not disturb Android. Although there may also be other reasons. Since we may want to use less Instagram on the phone, something we can control thanks to its activity meters.

Instagram multiple accounts

In this case, It's something we can do only with specific people. That is, we cannot silence notifications for all messages. But we can do it with certain people. So if there is someone who is sending us many messages in the app, and we want to stop having this notification every time a new one arrives, it is possible. It is something we can do inside the app without too many problems. Although if we want to do it with several people, the process can be somewhat heavy in many cases. But it is more for specific moments.

In addition, as we silenced a notification on Instagram, at the moment we want to have them again, the process to follow is the same which is carried out to silence them. So you will not have any problem when it comes to having these notifications in the application on Android, if at any time you want to have them again. What do we have to do?

Mute notifications on Instagram

The first thing we have to do is open our Instagram account on the phone. Then, when we are already inside it, we have to look at the icon in the upper right of the screen. It is an icon shaped like a paper plane, which is what gives us access to direct messages in the popular application. Therefore, we have to click on it.

Mute Instagram messages

In this section we will see all the direct messages that we have sent in the application. The conversations are organized according to which ones are the most recent. Then, it is likely that there is some contact whose messages we are going to want to silence, so that when you write to us, we will not receive a notification on the phone. In this case, we have to locate the conversation We have with that person.

Without entering into it, you have to press and hold on this conversation a couple of seconds. When you do this, you will see that Instagram shows you some options on the screen. Three in total, of which one of them is to silence the notifications. Therefore, the only thing that has to be done in this case is to click on this option. In this way, we have silenced the notifications of this person in direct messages in the app.

Instagram allows us to silence both messages and video chats. You can choose the options you want from both, there may be people who want both. So when you've done this, you will see that a small icon appears next to that person. It's the icon of a crossed out speaker icon, so you know you've silenced that conversation.

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