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How to install Pokemon Go from Play Store in any country

How to install Pokemon Go from Play Store in any country

The Pokemon Go game for Android and iOS smart phones is breaking the Internet and, although not expected, had to happen, considering the novelty of the application. The augmented reality game of the people of Niantic has conquered the world and the popularity of the game on social networks is proof of its impact on people. Unfortunately, not everyone has been part of the Pokemon Go phenomenon because Niantic has only made the game available in the US. UU., Australia and New Zealand, due to problems with server overload.

While you can get it on your iPhone even if it is not available in your country through a trick, Android users have to rely on the game's APK files to install it. However, the popularity of the game has also attracted the attention of scammers, so there is always the risk of malware entering your device with these APKs. Well, we have good news for all the fantastic Pokémon. There is a way to install Pokemon Go from the Play Store in any country. This is how:

Note : This method does not work if the Google account on your Android device has a payment method enabled or a Google Wallet account. Therefore, use a Google account that does not have one or simply create a new one.

one. You must falsify the location of your device to install Pokemon Go on your device. Then, first, install a faker location application such as Fake Location Spoofer or Fake GPS, as well as a VPN application. While using TunnelBear, you can choose from our list of VPN applications for Android.

2. Once you have installed the application on your Android device, go to Settings-> Developer options and in the section Purification , I touched Select simulated location application . Here, select the Fake Location Spoofer application or any other location Faker application that you have installed.

Note : To enable Developer Options, go to Settings-> About phone and touch the "Build number" 7 times.

3. Once this is done, go to Settings-> Location-> Mode and set it to " Device only "Then open the Fake Location Spoofer application Y search usa USA, Australia or New Zealand Y press the play button To start faking your location.

Four. Then, open the VPN application that you have installed and Conform to the virtual location of USA USA, Australia or New Zealand, the one you choose in the Fake Location Spoofer application .

5. After that, go to Settings-> Applications-> Google Play Store and on the application information page, enter Storage and touch Delete data .

6. Then, go to the Pokemon Go Play Store link and Play Store should open again. Accept the directions and you should see the button " Install ".