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How to hide photos and videos in which you are tagged from Instagram

How to hide photos and videos in which you are tagged from Instagram

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When someone uploads photos on Instagram, You have the possibility to label these images. So a friend of yours can tag you in a photo or video on the social network. These photos or videos in which someone tags us, are also shown in our profile in the app, in the tagging section. Although we may want to hide these profile photos, as we also hide stories for some users.

Instagram offers users the possibility of manage the photos in which they are tagged. It is something important, so that each user will have control over it and can do what they deem most convenient. You may want to hide these photos and videos, this is possible.

Since sometimes the photos in which a person is tagged on Instagram are not always liked. There are even cases in which they are spam photos. So, We do not want this to be shown on our profile in the popular application on Android. What can we do then? Manage what we want to be displayed and what not.

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This is something that we can manage at all times from the settings in the application. So we will be able to change it whenever we want without too much trouble. In this specific case, what we want is to hide these photos and videos in which we have been tagged from our profile. Therefore, we have to carry out a series of steps, within these adjustments in the application. They are very simple.

Hide profile photos and videos on Instagram

Therefore, we have to open Instagram on our Android phone first. Then, we have to go to our profile in the application and then click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper right of the screen. From the options that come out, we have to click on settings, which is located at the bottom of the screen. Then we are already within the configuration of the application.

Here we have to access the privacy section. This is where we can configure many aspects of privacy in the app. Including the photos and videos in which we are tagged. In addition to whether or not they are shown in the profile. Of the sections that we have on screen, the one that interests us in this case is that of Photos and videos in which you appear, which is the third party that appears on that list. Next we enter a new screen.

Instagram tagged photos

In this section, The first thing we are going to have to do is deactivate the Add automatically option. So when someone tag us in a photo or video on Instagram, it will not be added automatically to our profile. What already allows us to have a good management in this regard. Because we are now the ones who decide what is going to be added and shown in the profile and what is not going to be shown. Therefore, it is already a first important step in this regard.

Under this option of Add automatically, we see that there is another. It's about hiding photos and videos. ANDs the function that allows us to hide what we want from the profile on Instagram. When we click on this option, it will take us to a new screen. In it we can select which photos and videos we want to hide from the profile. Everything we select will then have an icon with a crossed out eye, which means that it will not be shown in the profile.

In this way, the user will determine on his Instagram profile what you want to show and what you don't want to show. The process has no complications, in addition, if at some point we change our mind, then it will be easy to be able to adjust again what we want to show and what not in the profile.

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