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How to fix spherical photos on your Android desktop


How to fix spherical photos on your Android desktop

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July 7, 2015

photosphere wallpaper

He Nexus 4 Accompanied by Android 4.2 It was the first device of its kind to incorporate a rather unique feature that allows us to capture images in spherical format and thus save specific environments and moments in the most immersive way possible. In addition, Google uploaded its app to handle the camera to the Play Store some time ago, which, this possibility was practically available to any user of the operating system.

In addition to the possibility of creating Galleries with spherical photos and share them with other users (in fact, throughout the entire network there are numerous communities dedicated exclusively to disseminate this format), our captures of 360 degrees They may have other uses. Today we teach you to use a spherical photo as a wallpaper, so that it will rotate and discover the image in all its breadth. We must take into account, yes, that like all animated background this configuration will consume more battery Than a static wallpaper.

How to get a phosphere

Since the Nexus premiered this function, many manufacturers have been incorporating it into their smarphones and tablets. Even so, we still like our own Google camera to take spherical photographs.

Google camera

Google camera

The interesting thing is that the photosphere taken with this application will be visible in almost all Android devices, while the software used by HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, etc. can give problems of compatibility In certain cases.

Download Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper

The application has a good amount of thematic galleries with spherical photos, a good part of them free. We assume that for many the grace of all this is to be able to put the image that one has captured as a desktop background, however, if there is someone who does it by the simple aesthetic value, the photographs offered by the app are absolutely professional: we will not notice artificial overlaps, or strangers in the lighting or anything like that.

Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper

Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper

If we want to carry out our own composition, it is not absolutely essential that we choose exclusively only one photosphere, we can also select a series of images from our gallery and these they will take turns on the home screen.

How do we configure the application

The configuration of Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper It is the most basic. Just open the app and give ?Continue? in the first dialogue that appears. Within the general section, click on ?Photo? and then on ?Galery? (if we want a single fund) or ?Slideshow? (if we want the wallpaper to change). As you will see, you can select images that do not have the Photosphere format, but the app will recognize them as such and present it somewhat distorted.

Once we have the image decided, click on ?Set Wallpaper? and Apply. Before going to the desktop we can make a series of adjustments below. For example, we can make the image tour take place more or less fast, naturally or depending on several factors, such as the movement of the tablet or smartphone (using the gyroscope) or the sensitivity when our finger comes into contact with the screen. Everytime that we slide, the spherical photo will move at the same time.