How to create a chat with yourself on WhatsApp on Android

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Those who use Telegram already know that the application allows us to have a chat with ourselves. A conversation in which to send you photos you want to save, or messages as reminders. Unfortunately, in WhatsApp we do not find this function natively Something sure many users miss. But there are a couple of ways to get it.

Thus, it will be possible to have a conversation with yourself using WhatsApp on your Android smartphone. It is a function that may be of interest to many. Since this way it will be possible to send us messages as reminders or write addresses, among others, in a chat just for us.

The best of all is that we don't have to install anything to get this. In this way, we can create a personal chat in WhatsApp, in which you can send messages to yourself, just like in Telegram. Until now, the application has never considered introducing a function like this, although the reality is that it is something that many users see with good eyes.

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Currently we find two possible options in this regard. Both work well and are not complicated. So it will depend on the preferences of each one. In any case, through these options we can have a private chat, with ourselves in the messaging application on Android.

Create a group and delete the rest of users

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The first way we have to create this is the creation of a group in WhatsApp, in which we will then eliminate the rest of the members, for what we know there are several ways. In this way, you will be the only member in the group and you will be able to use this chat to send messages to yourself. A simple, but very effective way to have it. What steps do we have to follow in this case?

  1. Open WhatsApp on your Android phone
  2. Click on the floating action button
  3. Click on New Group (to create a new group chat)
  4. Choose a person to be in that group
  5. Set up the group (photo and name)
  6. When the group has been created, remove the other person from the group
  7. The group has already been created and can be used
  8. Send messages to yourself in the chat

In this way, said chat is already active in the application, so you can use it at all times. If you want to send a photo or file, because you want to save it quickly or because you want to have a reminder or data that you do not want to lose, you will be able to use this conversation in the application. In addition, you will be able to access it both on your phone and using WhatsApp Web with total comfort. So I'm sure you get out of trouble on more than one occasion.

Using the browser

WhatsApp chat with yourself

The second option we have in this regard, to have a private chat with yourself on WhatsApp, requires that we use the browser. In this case, it is something we can do from the computer, but also from the phone. Both options are possible, so there are no complications. What we are going to do is use a trick very similar to the one we used a while ago, when we show you the way to send messages to people you don't have in contacts in the app.The principle is the same in this regard. So it will be very simple.

We can try entering this address in the browser: api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=0034TUNUMERO by entering your phone number where this text is. It may happen that I let you send a message directly and so you already have this chat created in the application. Although there are times when it gives error, for example it has not left me. But, there is a second way available using this same method, which is also very simple.

If it happened to you like me, WhatsApp has not opened a text window when we have used that method. But, we can "force" the application to open a text window in a very simple way. In this case, the URL we have to use is the following: api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=0034TUNÚMERO&text=hola and a window will appear in which we only have to click on the green button to send the message. This method worked for me and I was able to send myself a message without any problem in the application. Although it works best in the browser of the computer, using the web version of the application. On Android I could, although the first time I got an error.