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How to change the lock screen on Android: 4 great options


How to change the lock screen on Android: 4 great options

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June 18, 2015

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In the beginning of the era of smartphones the lock screen It was a mere process space that had to be overcome to access the system's functionalities. However, our habits of use have marked a trend Curious: many times we turn on the device and do not pass the screen, because we simply want to see if we have notifications or check the time.

From a certain moment, the developers realized that the lock screen has interesting potentialities. Google began in one of its phases of Jelly Bean to allow widgets in that space and to directly access some functions of the terminal or tablet. Apple followed the same steps a while later, while Amazon has used the screen as a showcase for its products, neatly selected from the tastes that the consumer proves to have in their previous searches and purchases.

Today we show you how to get extra performance to the unlock screen with four alternatives that can be found on Google Play. It's only necessary install the app and leave the setting to our liking


It is an optimal unlocking environment for those who must deal with a large number of daily notifications. This screen will give us the possibility of read the notifications, answer Y delete, without the need to enter the application, all from the unlocking area itself.

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To start working with SlideLock, we must download the app from the Play Store and allow access to the information of the other apps, thus connecting with your notification system. Within the menu that is displayed from the right, in the option ‘Lock screen’, we have a few functions that we can set to our liking.


This service allows you to access directly from your screen the different applications installed on the computer. Depending on the site Where we are, it will show one or the other icons and although we can select them manually, Cover works intelligently by identifying which apps are the ones we use the most in specific locations and separating them in different areas: home, work, car, street.

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It works with colorful wallpaper and access to applications is really convenient with a transition very fast that will make us jump from one to another fluidly.