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how to change class in Battle Royale

How to change battle royale class Call of Duty Mobile

How to change battle royale class Call of Duty Mobile

If you downloaded COD Mobile on your mobile, you tried all the game modes and specifically caught only one, the Battle Royale, because this article will surely interest you.

Many players said in Call of Duty Mobile they don't know that different classes can be used to play. If you are one of them, here we will show you in a few steps how to change class, something that will surely improve your gaming experience.

Changing classes in the Battle Royale of COD Mobile is very simple

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  • Within the Battle Royale mode menu of Call of Duty Mobile, debers click on the option that says Armament, it is located at the bottom left of the screen.

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  • While in the Battle Royale Armament menu, you will have to press on the option that is located to the right of the screen. It is named after the class that comes by default, which is Medical (in our case the Ninja class is shown).

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  • A new screen will open where all available classes to choose from will be displayed. If you have just started playing, only 6 classes will be shown. As you gain more and more experience, new classes will be unlocked. In this step, you should select the class you like best and later hit the Show button, located at the bottom right of the screen.

You don't know what is the best class to play COD Mobile Battle Royale?

Do not worry, we have made an article where we explain what are the three best classes to play in this mode of Call of Duty Mobile. Within it, you can meet what are the advantages of each class, as well as what is the special ability of each one of them.

Similarly, We recommend you try each of the classes to find out which one best suits your playing style. Without much more to add, it is important to mention that each class is unique, as they all offer different skills that allow you to obtain certain advantages over other classes.

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