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How to block WhatsApp with your fingerprint on Android smartphones

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Some time ago we showed you how to prune block WhatsApp with your paw print on iPhone and finally, after more than 7 months, the company finally launches the same function in Android. Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, BQ and other brands devices can finally have a kind of digital lock to protect your closest privacy and that no one except you can enter the messenger app.

This way, even if someone has your smartphone unlocked, they won't be able to access your WhatsApp conversations. Situations in which, for example, you leave the mobile on the table and someone takes the opportunity to pick it up quickly, they will not do any good since it will still be to overcome the second WhatsApp lock screen by entering the fingerprint in the reader.

This is how fingerprint recognition can be activated in WhatsApp for Android

whatsapp footprint android

To enable fingerprint blocking in WhatsApp for Android, it is essential update app to his latest version on Google Play. Once you've made sure you don't have any pending updates to download, follow these steps:

  1. Go into WhatsApp.
  2. Touch the ithree point cone in the upper right corner and access Settings.
  3. In Settings, tap Bill.
  4. In Account, access Privacy.
  5. Choose Fingerprint lock.
  6. Active Lock with fingerprint.

Additionally you can also to establish a time limit for WhatsApp to ask for your fingerprint again. You can establish that every time you enter again, it will be requested, or that it is only necessary to enter it after 1 minute or 30 since you last accessed the app.

That's right, keep in mind that WhatsApp calls can continue to be picked up No need to unlock the mobile or app. What s getting blocked be the content of notifications, thus hiding the message preview to send us (although it can be activated / deactivated in step 6 that we have described before).

Other WhatsApp news that you may want to know

One of the main criticisms of WhatsApp was its permissiveness towards the groups. Anyone with your number could add you to a group without you previously accepting it, a situation that we can finally remedy, especially recommended if you want to control who can add you to groups and who can not.

On the other hand and focusing now on iOS, from a time to this part, the photos that send us through WhatsApp are no longer automatically stored in our galley (we understand that so they do not take up space or “dirty” the reel). However, if you want them to be stored, you can enable this option.

Finally, We recommend you to go through our WhatsApp section regularly If you want to know all the news and curiosities that are coming to the popular messenger app.