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How Google Chrome incognito mode works on Android

Google Chrome is one of the most important applications on every Android phone. Thanks to it, we can surf the Internet at all times, regardless of where we are. In addition, your navigation can be really comfortable, as we have seen with many tricks. One of the most important features in the browser is the incognito mode. Although many do not know how it works.

Many users use it when they navigate with Google Chrome on Android So that they will be able to navigate in a private way. Although it is not a private navigation, in the same way that happens when we use a VPN on our phone, as is possible with applications.

Incognito mode in Google Chrome

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When we use the incognito mode in Google Chrome, what happens is that none of the pages we visit will be saved in the history of navigation. So if another person consults this history, he will not be able to see any website we have been in while we have used this specific mode on the device. Although some users have a somewhat wrong idea when using this mode.

Since they think it is a private way, so there is no trace of the user to navigate. But in no time you become an anonymous or undetectable person when you use incognito mode in Google Chrome. Because the user's IP address is something that can be registered at that time. This is something of importance that must be taken into account when using this mode.

While many users make the mistake of thinking that it is a private mode. But it just happens that what you are going to visit online is not going to be saved in the history. This is something that allows you to use this mode in Google Chrome to visit those websites that you don't want another person to see. In fact, this is the usual use of it, as people who want to see adult content in the browser, without a trace of it.

How incognito mode works in Google Chrome

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What happens in this case is that Google Chrome It will not save the page history or cookies of these websites. Nor if you fill out forms during that time in incognito mode, the information will not be saved. Unlike what happens if you browse normally on the phone. At the end of this navigation, the browser removes the cache and data that has been left on the device directly.

Although when you use the incognito mode and download a file on Android, it will also be displayed on the device. So if you enter the download folder, you will be able to see it there at all times normally. It will not be hidden or deleted at any time automatically. So if you download something you don't want anyone to see, you'll have to check that folder at all times.

You should always keep in mind that if you use incognito mode in Google Chrome, or private browsing in other browsers on Android, This is not supposed to protect you on the Internet. So the websites you visit will continue to register your information. As we have already mentioned, they will register the IP address. Although not only this, they will know from which country you visit, in addition to other device data. It does not change just with respect to normal navigation.

Why use Google Chrome incognito mode?

Chrome is updated to consume less RAM

The truth is that this incognito mode in Google Chrome can have many more purposes than one thinks. As some may have noticed on occasion, when they visit websites to compare the prices of a product, cookies are stored. This means that in many cases the cheapest prices are not going to be seen. In some cases, using incognito mode in the browser you could see cheaper prices in some websites. But it depends on the web, cookies and the product.

On the other hand, it is a good way to navigate without everything you do is saved. So you can navigate in Google Chrome with some more peace of mind, without having to worry about the history or because everything is saved in your Google account.

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