Government allow Huawei to buy certain products made in the United States

Government allow Huawei to buy certain products made in the United States


Despite not being able to sell its cell phones in the US, the Chinese company Huawei said present during the electronic fair CES 2019.

Claudia Cruz / CNET

Huawei does not leave one before entering another row with the United States government, but it has some luck: its importance internationally has resulted in a very limited concession of the recent restrictions imposed by the United States authorities.

The US Department of Commerce He said Monday, May 20, that allowing Huawei to buy products manufactured in this country to keep its cellular networks running in other nations and also provide services to people who currently use their devices, Reuters reported. This permission is valid for a period of 90 days and does not allow Huawei to buy components for new products.

"It seems that the intention is to limit the accidental impact on third parties using Huawei equipment or systems," said Kevin Wolf, a lawyer in Washington and a former Commerce Department official. "It seems they are trying to prevent blackouts in the network."

This adjustment takes place a few days after the government of Donald Trump has put Huawei on a blacklist in order to restrict the involvement of domestic companies with this foreign company. In fact,Google said it will suspend relations with Huawei, that is, they will not collaborate on hardware, software or technical services, with the exception of programming that Huawei can acquire publicly through open source software licenses. Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, among other processor manufacturers, they will cut their relations with Huaweialso.

According to Reuters, the government’s full restrictions come back into effect as of August 19. Huawei is accused of using technologies that harm national security and foreign interests from the USA

We have requested a comment from Huawei, but the company has not replied.