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Google Maps now allows you to save the parking spot

Google Maps now allows you to save the parking spot

Google Maps has always been one of the best navigation applications, leading from the front with new features that are added with such a high frequency, it seems that the application was updated every two weeks. Google has just added another new useful feature, which is the ability to save the parking spot, to the widely popular application, which solves one of the main problems facing people in cities full of multi-level parking lots and acres. While the beta version of Google Maps on Android has had this feature for quite some time, it is only now that the feature has been released for everyone.

When you park your car somewhere, you can now touch the blue "Your location" marker on the map and mark it as your parking location. Not only that, in the Android application you will also have access to other functions where you can add notes to parking location and, if parked within a meter, you can enter the remaining time. The maps will even notify you 15 minutes before your parking meter runs out, so you can avoid tickets. In addition, you can add photos of the parking space to the marker.

On iOS, although may save the parking location, there are no options to add notes or add a timer for the parking meter. However, it can add photos to the parking marker . This comes as a complement to the automatic parking detection function in the iOS application that saves your parking location if you had your phone connected to your car's Bluetooth or USB audio device.

Google has definitely paid close attention to the needs of users and, as always, has found simple, intuitive and easy-to-use ways to solve their problems.