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Form the missing pieces with gestures in Pliq, a very "Tetris" game

Pliq is a twist to the Tetris of a lifetime and the truth that is able to surprise by this original way of facing that gameplay so recognized by all. A new title for Android that comes with great desire, although we miss some things.

That is, we talk about a Tetris style game in which you have to form the pieces with the gestures of your fingers. So you can go anticipating that block of chips that is descending at a leisurely pace. An addictive game for its original gameplay and for being properly treated throughout the technical issue.

An updated Tetris

Pliq is like a updated version of Tetris today lifelong. As we do not stop making gestures with our mobile, the creator of this friendly casual devised using that interaction with the screen of our mobile so that we can form the pieces that are needed to get points and progress through the almost infinite levels of Pliq .


The gameplay is based on observe the block of pieces that comes to us Above, check the empty gaps of that block and form the geometric pieces necessary to fill them. Thus, when they fall on our formed pieces they must fit so that the lines disappear and we obtain those desired points.

Everything will get complicated when we don't have enough skill to form those necessary pieces and those that have remained without forming the entire line, they block and impede the passage until we are able to fill the gaps. Which means that in a matter of seconds you can bundle that of San Quentin as you would say.

Breaking the schemes with Pliq

Pliq comes with the wise intention of offering another experience, although very close, to the aforementioned game that wreaked havoc its years ago. There are also some skills or super powers to get out of those moments in which the lines and blocks are blocked and we have to be quick drawing with our fingers those pieces we need.

Pliq Puzzle

That desire to recover lost lines with blocked parts It is the point of attention with which he manages to hook us. It also adds that some animations and visual effects are very well carried out, so the game experience wins many integers as we enjoy it.

We talk about a freemium game, which means that you will find advertising. It is not that it goes beyond the line, but sometimes it is a bit overwhelming. Especially those 29-second videos that eternalize the moments of enjoyment to almost stress us for wanting to play more.

It is missing in Spanish

Although Pliq is not in Spanish, you will quickly get the gameplay thanks to the first tips you'll find when you start the first game. A game that will surely have its followers and that we do not have any more environments, type of chips and that extra content that keeps us playing it for days.


Pliq is a game that has been well worked on in the technical field and that visually highlights that touch of ?paint bucket? of the chips when we manage to disappear entire blocks (they dissolve as if it were paint Splatoon). For the rest nothing more to say that we are facing an Android title that is visually pleasing thanks to its minimalist tone.

A new puzzle for Android called Pliq and that will hook you from the moment you start playing it. Drawing the pieces with your fingers to complete lines with those blocks is a very striking and interesting experience. Of course, it is an infinite game so you could spend the whole day playing … (as long as there are no restrictions on game hours such as those imposed by PUBG Mobile in India to the players). You are free for it.

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  • Good minimalist style
  • Create parts with gestures

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