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Forget the notes in the refrigerator with this new Google feature

Forget the notes in the refrigerator with this new Google feature

google assistant reminders assignable reminders on hub 1500x1000

Digital reminders are a useful function for those of us who have many responsibilities or perhaps a bad memory. And now, Google Assistant also allows you to assign alerts to other people. The function will be implemented in phones, speakers and screens that are enabled for Google Assistant, while the Google Nest Hub Max will arrive during the course of the Northern Lights.

Currently, reminders can be created to be activated based on time and location, but there is no way they can be easily created for other people. With the change, this is now possible and simple.

This is how it works: let's say, for example, that you want to remind your partner to pick up children from school at a certain time. The only thing you should say is something like: Hey Google, go to (person's name) to pick up the children at 4 pm. ” In doing so, not only send an immediate notification to the devices enabled for your loved one's Google Assistant, but also remind them at the time you set it up.

Like traditional reminders or reminders, those that are assigned can also be set to activate when arriving or leaving specific locations. While this is a relatively minor innovation in Google Assistant's skills, the new feature will surely be welcomed by busy households, as a kind of modern version of the notes that are usually left in the refrigerator.

This latest move follows a recent change in the way Google handles reminders on Android devices. As reported by Android Police last week, reminders should now go through the Google Assistant. That means that, if you have the Assistant turned off, you lose access to alerts completely.

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