An imaginative and dream-filled game: follow the path of Dream Walker

follow the path of Dream Walker

With the amount of Android games that we can download from the Google Play Store it is appreciated that there are developers who bet on new styles, even if the mechanics are similar to other titles. This is what it shows Dream walker, a little gem that has reached the Android store in the form of beta. We have tried it and we have loved it.

Dream Walker is a surrealist game that, as the name already indicates, goes of dreams and walking. We must control a sleepwalking girl who wakes up in dreams and must move along an intricate path of stones. The controls are simple: Temple Run strokes. Although getting far is not that simple.

Follow the path of floating tiles

An imaginative and dream-filled game: follow the path of Dream Walker

The stone blocks or tiles are not yellow, but floating. Iran changing direction, will unfold before the footsteps of our protagonist, will turn so that we must guide the girl without waking from sleep … And, incidentally, we must collect butterflies with which, according to the developers, new game screens will be unlocked. All within a dreamlike atmosphere tinted with surrealism.

The graphic style is very particular and with its own character. 3D scenarios with good graphic quality, music that accompanies all games, style «endless runner»Without the protagonist running and an increasing difficulty that manages to sting us to go further and further. In addition, the scenarios will unfold in real time at our feet without us knowing well where they will go. We will even walk upside down …

An imaginative and dream-filled game: follow the path of Dream Walker

Dream walker It is one of those games that, without adding anything original to the "endless" style, does offer a lot of freshness with a characteristic style. The worst part is that it is in beta development phase, so still has malfunctions. It has been hard for us to tear it off and it closed a couple of times, something logical because it is a beta.

Free, no ads and no in-app purchases. For now …

You can download Dream walker without any problem from the Google Play Store. We really liked your approach and you have no pitfall when downloading and playing. At the moment it has no ads or micropayments, but it is expected that they will be added as it reaches a more stable version.