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FCC approves merger between T-Mobile and Sprint but imposed conditions


In order to get approval for their FCC merger, T-Mobile and Sprint must sell their participation in the Boost Mobile prepaid service.

Boost Mobile

T-Mobile and Sprint are a little closer to merging into a single company, but first they will need to meet some conditions imposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), according to a press release issued by the agency this Monday.

Ajit Pai, director of the FCC, said that one of the necessary commitments by the companies involved is to get rid of the prepaid operator Boost Mobile, currently controlled by Sprint. According to Pai, the sale is to limit the possibility that the new entity becomes a strong monopoly concern that the FCC has Regarding the agreement.

The fusin, announced in April 2018, has a value of about US $ 26,000 million and will group the third and fourth largest mobile phone operators in the United States.

"This sale (from Boost Mobile) is designed to address potential competition problems that have been identified in the prepaid segment of the wireless industry," Pai said in the statement.

In addition to this condition, the FCC requires that T-Mobile and Sprint not make any price increase in their plans for a period of three years, to deploy the 5G cell phone network to reach 99 percent of the population in six years (and must first reach 97 percent in three years) and guarantee, initially, broadband service with speeds above 50 Mbps to then reach 100 Mbps although for this condition did not share a timeline.

In the event that the new merger result does not meet these conditions, it will face strong consequences, said the FCC director.

"These consequences, which could include payments of billions of dollars to the US Department of the Treasury, form a powerful incentive for companies to fulfill their commitments on time."

We have requested a comment from T-Mobile and Sprint. We will update this article when they answer.

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