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Facebook people stand up against Zuckerberg for encouraging fake news

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  • The open letter from Facebook employees has been published in the internal communication system for more than two weeks

  • On political ad measures, Zuckerberg argues that it is a way to defend freedom of expression

  • A spokesman for the social network told NYTimes that the company will continue to increase transparency in these commercials

The relationship between fake news And social networks is impossible to deny. However, the exact dynamics of this interaction differs according to the point of view. Some say they are the worst enemies from Facebook, Twitter and company. In the opinion of others, negligence (or delay) of these platforms is what has allowed its growth. Some more analyzes consider that they are only channels that take advantage of malicious agents To spread your ideas.

Although all agents say that fake news and Facebook, Twitter and YouTube seem to go almost hand in hand today, it is not a new phenomenon. TrendMicro notes that fake news is an element that has existed for years, the only thing that changes is the platform on which they are disseminated. However, this diffusion facility enhances both the effects of this misinformation that, according to the Financial times, 84 percent of companies fear them.

The challenge is very significant for all the agents involved. In large part, due to the great virality of these contents. However, regulators, public and the social networks themselves have tried to pressure the entire industry to try to reduce its incidence. And, when it is not possible, limit as much as possible the impact that this misinformation can have. But agents like Facebook, in the eyes of their collaborators, don't do enough.

Rebelin on Facebook by fake news

According to New York Times, Facebook faces a severe rebellion within its ranks. More than 250 employees of the social network have signed a letter addressed to the CEO of the company. In the document they ask Zuckerberg to be stricter in his policy of fake news. Specifically, they demand that advertisements published by political agents, especially candidates for the United States (US) presidential election, cannot publish false information.

Related Notes

The controversy arises from Zuckerberg's position about political ads on the network. Facebook decided to let any political agent publish all information in their campaigns, even if they involve lies. The determination was harshly criticized by multiple opinion leaders. Even a Democratic candidate launched an ad with fake news to mid october, about the CEO of the network, to test the limits of this new rule.

Brand motn

Facebook is not the only company that has been criticized by its employees. In April, it was announced that YouTube intentionally ignores the complaints of its staff about the prevalence of toxic and false content on its platform. Google, meanwhile, was heavily criticized in June for allegedly prohibiting his people from protesting certain brand issues during the LGBT + march. Until McDonalds It has been in similar crises.

Is it that Facebook has a brand name in its hands? Perhaps. Certainly the fact that more than a hundred employees are willing to openly protest a decision of the company, implies that there is a latent nonconformity. Likewise, you may imply that there are many more people within the platform who disagree with Zuckerberg's policy. Those 250+ collaborators are just those who dared to speak in public.

On the other hand, Facebook is a very large organization. With more than 35,000 employees worldwide, 250 nonconformers is really a fraction of the company. Of course, this does not mean that the company is not in a brand crisis. The event will serve so that more agents upset with the measure, outside the company, can support their idea. But perhaps the challenge will be solved more easily than if it were a true uprising.