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Facebook or Instagram stories have 500 million users

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Snapchat is an app that came to generate a lot of noise to the market. Although with the passage of time we have seen how its popularity has been decreasing significantly. Despite this, the app keeps trying, with a complete redesign in between. But their figures remain worrisome. For example, stories on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp far exceed the number of users on Snapchat.

This is a new study that has revealed the number of users who have these stories on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Some figures that make it clear how interest has been lost in this application over time.

For example, Facebook and Instagram have stories in their applications. A function that has been clearly inspired by Snapchat, but that has worked out very well. Since in both cases, they have about 500 million active users every month, in both. Figures that exceed 190 million Snapchat users.

User stories

Also the WhatsApp states, which continue to gain presence in the application, have about 500 million active users each month. So they have the support of users in the popular messaging app. Again, a figure that multiplies the number of users on Snapchat.

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It's been months since the situation is not the best on Snapchat. In fact, the company would soon need an injection of capital, but they want to end up in ruin, as it seems that several media in America point out. From the company nothing has been said about these rumors, but they have long chained losses in their quarters.

We will see what happens with the application in the future. But it is clear that the stories on Facebook or Instagram have conquered to users, if they have about 500 million active users in them on a monthly basis. Do you use the stories in any of these apps?

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